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CIA and ODNI Sponsor First Intelligence Community LGBT Summit

The CIA and the Office of the Director for National Intelligence (ODNI) recently hosted the first Intelligence Community (IC) Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Summit. Participants included members of LGBT employee groups from nine IC agencies and CIA and ODNI leaders. The Summit was designed to ensure the Agency maintains a high performing, engaged, and diverse workforce.

CIA Associate Deputy Director (ADD) Sue Bromley welcomed participants to the February event, highlighting the importance of inclusion in mission success: “When I look at our mission and our challenges, what I look to is my single greatest resource at the CIA—our people,” she said. “In order to get the most out of our people, we have to make sure there is an environment where everybody can thrive, where everybody feels secure and comfortable, so they can bring their unique contribution to our challenges,” ADD/CIA Bromley continued.

Participants agreed that a fully inclusive IC directly and positively affects the workforce’s contribution to mission. Discussions delved into collective IC experiences and best practices for making agencies welcoming to LGBT employees. Officers considered policy implementation, lessons learned, and ways to increase the understanding and visibility of transgender issues. Participants also shared ideas about leveraging LGBT supporters and assessing the mission impact of LGBT officers.
A panel discussion about LGBT inclusion and benefits included participants from the Department of State, the White House, Gays and Lesbians in Foreign Affairs Agencies (GLIFAA), and the IC LGBT Affinity Network Group.

The CIA is dedicated to promoting the critical diversity our mission demands. This is reflected in Agency efforts to attract, hire, develop, engage, and retain employees with the critical skills, knowledge, cultural backgrounds, and abilities needed to successfully meet mission requirements.

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Solidarity with South African LGBT Community

On March 13th of 2011, sitting in from the rain in Oakland, California, I received a SKYPE while sitting in a coffee shop, all the way from South Africa. It was Melanie Nathan, a feminist activist who spends much of her time trying to raise awareness and end the human rights violations of lesbians with the criminal lesbian rape therapy which in pockets of the African community is used to “cure” these women to become heterosexual. When I answered the phone she made an announcement she had someone special for me to meet. It was the creator of the LGBT Flag of South Africa, Hugh Brockman. It was a very big honor to me since it was also the home of Nelson Mandella and a place where Mahatma Ghandi began his political activist career. I was excited to learn their LGBT flag was being brought to me, personalized by Melanie and Hugh for my journey across America. There were times I was suppose to receive it and it had been complicated in the mail and with my location changing everyday that the mail was not received. My heart today is overjoyed as I received the flag with two Nelson Mandella medallions. I am immensely grateful. I feel warm inside and very loved today. I cannot say much for the US Congress and Senate and the President of the United States of America today. I stand in solidarity for full civil rights for all Americans with the people of South Africa, the only Constitution in the world, post Apartheid, that includes gay and lesbian South Africans.


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Gay Civil Rights, California Legislature V. Manuel Perez

I am very grateful my local legislature said such kind words. The American Equality Bill and the Pledge for Full LGBT Equality takes on more listeners. Wonderful.

Approved by The Coachella Valley Weekly, I would like to thank their publisher, Tracy, for running this article this week. There have been people who have read it that feel very proud and enjoyed the piece.

Coachella Valley Weekly http://coachellavalleyweekly.com/local-man-walks-rainbow-flag-across-america-by-richard-noble/





Walk Across America for Gay Civil Rights

On behalf of the 56th California State Assembly District we would like to commend Richard Noble’s outstanding dedication to civil rights. Your Walk Across America has advanced the cause of full sexual orientation and gender identity rights. What began as your solo walk caring the Rainbow flag has evolved into the Pledge For Full LGBT Equality. We would like to recognize your tremendous impact to promote civil rights that will be marked by history.

V. Manuel Perez
56th Assembly District

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The Pledge for Equality 2014 on Huffington Post

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Todd Fernandez drafts another absolutely beautiful article as he blogs about our movement for Full Equality. See the full article HERE Todd Fernandez on The American Equality Bill    

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Gay Travel Guru, Semi-Finals

Thank you everyone for your love and support. We made it as far as the semi-finals. GayTravel.Com is a very dedicated group of guys and I very much appreciate the opportunity to take place in this application process. Publication3



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Pope Benedict XVI Denounced by Walk Across America’s Richard Noble

Pope Benedict XVI denounces gay marriage in his Christmas message saying  ‘manipulation of nature’ will put future of mankind at stake
I denounce Pope Benedit XVI at this time as the head of the Catholic Church.

To insult the divinity of man and woman is an evil teaching and individuals must RUN from it. The Pope, through ignorance of God has breeded hate and faction within the Church and his statements are ill.

‘Man and woman as created  realities, as  the nature of the human being, no longer exist. Man calls his own  nature into question. From now on he is merely spirit and will.’

Sai Baba, teacher and modern embodiment of God goes on to say we are ALL embodiments of love. We are in fact, God.

The Avatar of the Golden Age

“There are learned scholars who spend a good deal  of time in arguing that this form of God is superior to the  other. This delusion has caused great harm. The truth is that  each reveals a certain phase of Divinity. The comparison itself  diminishes the integrity of any scholar! Anyone who has  reverence for God, would not attempt at intellectually  estimating the power of the Lord, they would, in fact, earnestly  try to get an intuitive experience of the Divine! Harmony is the  test of any religious outlook; if it breeds hate or faction or  pride, the outlook is definitely evil. Keep away from these, if  you are interested in your spiritual practice. “

- Sri Sathya Sai BabaSathya Sai Baba online Resource, Info, Books, Sai centres, mantras, Miracles, Bhajans, Letters from Sai Baba, Sai Meditation, Sai Baba Prophesies & more
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GAY TRAVEL GURU. For months I have been applying myself and my skill to this application process. I am blessed to be in the TOP 30 semi-finalists. There are a lot of wonderful people involved. It has taken everything I … Continue reading

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Palm Springs PRIDE 2012

Palm Springs PRIDE 2012

I was very fortunate to be a guest at Palm Springs PRIDE Parade this year. Trinty walked too!

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Instinct Magazine “Leading Men 2012″

Leading Men 2012

I am very proud to have my name added to the list of Men of the Year for 2012. It’s  great honor.

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